Winter Approaching

Winter is fast approaching and that will mean snow plowing.  All tenants need to move their cars to a cleared spot after the first round of plowing so all the parking lot can be cleared.  Please try to avoid parking in front of your garage so the plows can get that area cleaned.  Any vehicles not being driven over the winter months need to be parked in your garage.


Please remove any rugs or mats from door area and store your grills, bikes , toys etc.. in your garage so they are not destroyed by the snow blowers or in the way of our shoveling  As always do not keep any trash outside.


Please keep in mind that it is hard for the plows to see you when they are backing up so take extra precautions when driving behind the plows.


Thank you for your cooperation

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Why choose to make Bluff Ridge your new home? Carefree living! If the continual maintenance and expense of home ownership doesn't appeal to you--experience carefree living at Bluff Ridge Apartments, Whitewater, WI. Featuring condominium style two or three bedrooms, one or two garages, a pavilion kitchen, a fitness center, and a two-acre park. Units start at $710/ month! Well-planned, soundly constructed, and spacious: step up to Bluff Ridge Apartments today.     Call (262) 473-3613.

Community News!

Lost your Cat? Have an Item you want to sell? Then look no further, Community Bulletin Board is up and ready for you to post your items today!

Parking Permits

Remember all vehicles must have a 2015 parking permit by January 1,2015. You can attain yours at the Rental Office during normal open hours.

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